Lab Results

Here you can find and download the comprehensive laboratory analysis detailing the chemical profile and potency of our latest cannabis strains.


Grandpa's Stash Flower - Lot #: A2201

Grandpa's Stash Flower - Lot #: A2303-GS

Jealousy Flower - Lot #: A2306-JL

Purple Sunset Flower - Lot #: A2202

Purple Sunset Flower - Lot #: A2302-PS

Sour Papaya Flower - Lot #: A2304-SP

Thin Mint Flower - Lot #: A2301-GSC

White Truffle Flower - Lot #: A2305-WT


Grandpa’s Stash Pre-Rolls - Lot #: A2201

Grandpa’s Stash Pre-Rolls - Lot #: B2301, B2302

Purple Sunset Pre-Rolls - Lot #: A2202

Purple Sunset Pre-Rolls - Lot #: B2301, B2302


Grandpa's Stash Chillum - Lot #: C2303-GS

Grape Cream Cake Chillum - Lot #: C2307-GCC

Jealousy Chillum - Lot #: C2306-JL

Purple Sunset Chillum - Lot #: C2302-PS

Sour Papaya Chillum - Lot #: C2304-SP

Thin Mint Chillum - Lot #: C2301-TM

White Truffle Chillum - Lot #: C2305-WT

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