Grandpa's Stash

MB Farm's chillums are like pre-rolls...with benefits. We offer several strains of premium ground cannabis (.5g) packed in a reusable, glass chillum. There's no better way to find your new favorite strain!

.5 gram ground flower in reusable glass chillum  /  22% THC*

About Grandpa's Stash by MB Farm

MB Farm’s Grandpa’s Stash is a 50/50 hybrid bred from three classic strains: 1994 Super Skunk, 1992 OG Kush, and a 1970s cut of Afghan Kush. Pine, tobacco, and skunk flood the air as you puff on these prime greenhouse-grown nugs. Grandpa’s Stash elevates and provides a balanced high that will let you power through the day.


Grandpa's Stash is a hybrid strain whose genetics hail from a combination of Afghani, North Indian, and Mexican landrace strains. These three powerhouses come together to create a unique, potent bud.


This strain boasts a strong profile of earthy and pine flavors, with subtle undertones of sweet, spicy herbs.


Grandpa's Stash brings on a deeply calming and soothing high, without being locked to the couch. Breaking into Grandpa's Stash is ideal for an 'anytime' smoke-despite that indica-heavy lineage.


While its exact cannabinoid content can vary by grower, Grandpa's Stash typically contains high levels of THC, often upwards of 20%, with a moderate CBD content.

*THC amounts are based on the latest lots of a particular strain or product. Please refer to our Lab Results page for detailed lab results for each specific product lot number.