Grape Cream Cake

MB Farm pre-rolls let you roll out and rise up without the stress. Our pre-rolls are made exclusively with greenhouse-grown flower. Each half-gram pre-roll is the perfect size to puff and pass, or just indulge in by yourself. Each joint is visually inspected by our team for the perfect toke, every time.

2.5 gram, 5 rolls per package  /  25% THC*

About Grape Cream Cake by MB Farm

Grape Cream Cake offers a hint of grape flavor while enveloping you in a haze of sweet clouds. Expect some earthy undertones in this indica-forward hybrid.


Grape Cream Cake is a delicious indica-dominant hybrid, bred by crossing Grape Pie, Wedding Crasher and Ice Cream Cake #5 strains.


This strain delivers a delightful palate of sweet grape, creamy vanilla, and subtle earthy undertones.


Grape Cream Cake imparts a calming high, perfect for relaxation and stress relief, eventually leading to a restful sleep.


This strain typically features high THC levels, often between 20-25%, with minimal CBD content.

*THC amounts are based on the latest lots of a particular strain or product. Please refer to our Lab Results page for detailed lab results for each specific product lot number.