MB Farm’s hand-trimmed buds offer prime smoking material for joints, blunts, bowls, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Our greenhouse-grown crops ensure you get potent cannabis, tons of terps and a good time, every time.

3.5 gram and 1 oz packages  /  22% THC*

About Jealousy by MB Farm

Jealousy comes in many forms...but we like it in flower the best! This indica-leaning hybrid has a smooth flavor that tends towards fruity and custardy.


Jealousy is a hybrid strain, resulting from the crossbreeding of Gelato and Sherbet strains.


This strain delivers a unique combination of fruity and creamy flavors, underlined by a cool, minty finish.


Jealousy offers a well-rounded high, inducing euphoria, creativity, and ultimately leading to full-bodied relaxation.


Jealously typically contains high THC levels, often around 20-25%, and minimal CBD content.

*THC amounts are based on the latest lots of a particular strain or product. Please refer to our Lab Results page for detailed lab results for each specific product lot number.