Sour Papaya

Don't let those NY winters get ya down-here's a vacation in a puff! Our Sour Papaya vape lets you savor those sweet tropical notes conveniently in a disposable, rechargeable 1g vape pen. 

 /  21% THC*

About Sour Papaya by MB Farm

Sour Papaya is a must for sativa lovers! This strain brings the best of Sour Diesel and blends in some real funky tropical notes.


Sour Papaya is a balanced hybrid strain, born from the combination of Sour Diesel and Papaya strains.


True to its name, Sour Papaya showcases a unique blend of tangy, fruity, and diesel flavors.


The strain provides a potent, uplifting cerebral high followed by a relaxing body effect, making it suitable for daytime and evening use.


Sour Papaya often has moderate to high THC levels, around 15-20%, and a slight presence of CBD.

*THC amounts are based on the latest lots of a particular strain or product. Please refer to our Lab Results page for detailed lab results for each specific product lot number.